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Martial Arts

At the Tao Academy, we focus primarily on the three major internal styles of Chinese boxing:

  • XingYi Chuan

  • TaiJi Chuan

  • BaGua Zhang

XingYi Chuan:

The system of XingYi we teach comes from the Shu Hongji lineage from Taiwan as taught by Tony Franklin and Dale Shigenaga.  This martial art is rooted in the Taoist philosophy of 5 phases.  The forms are largely linear in nature and the emphasis is on developing long range power over short distances.

TaiJi Chuan:

Fred and Sandy teach Yang style.  TaiJi is based in the Taoist philosophy of Yin-Yang.  The forms emphasize slow, controlled movement.  Push hands and other exercises are a key component of the Yang system.


BaGua Zhang:


The system of BaGua taught at the Tao Academy traces its lineage through Grace Wu in Witchita, KS.  Based on the IJing and 8 changes, BaGua emphasizes circle walking as its primary exercise.


In addition to these systems Fred, Sandy have extensive study and practice in the martial arts of Japan and Okinawa.  Ideas and techniques from other martial arts are often brought up in various classes.


If you're interested in attending a class, send an email or give us a call using our contact form.